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God Speaks on Big Issues <br>Senior High Teacher's Guide
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978-0-87227-870-7 Teacher's Guide $9.99

God Speaks on Big Issues
Senior High Teacher's Guide

Title: God Speaks on Big Issues Bible Passage: Selected passages throughout Scripture Course Description: This course examines what God's Word has to say about today's issues, such as war, homosexuality, postmodernism, substance abuse, the media, and suicide. Relevant Bible study and life application in 13 lessons Integrated learning activities and Bible commentary for ease of teaching Engaging Bible study methods for senior high students Instruction on leading senior high students to Christ

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God Speaks on Big Issues <br>Senior High Student Devotional Book
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978-1-59402-353-8 Student Book $5.65

God Speaks on Big Issues
Senior High Student Devotional Book

Daily devotions to help each student dig into GodÆs Word In-class worksheets to reinforce Biblical truths Helpful life-application articles Easy-to-use 6"x 9" format

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