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Claw Bopper Headband <br>VBS 2024
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Gifts, Awards & More! (Digital Formats Available) Price: $6.99
Sale Price: $3.49

Claw Bopper Headband 
VBS 2024

Students will enjoy buying these headbands in the VBS store, winning them as prizes, or seeing staf...

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Stretchy Llama Bracelets <br>VBS 2024
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Apparel (Digital Formats Available) Price: $20.99
Sale Price: $18.89

Stretchy Llama Bracelets 
VBS 2024

These bands will remind students not only of WildLIVE! but of animal welfare, encouraging them to c...

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Ear We Go! Elephant Headband <br>VBS 2024
Apparel (Digital Formats Available) $7.99

Ear We Go! Elephant Headband 
VBS 2024

At WildLIVE! students will meet Ellie the elephant. Help them join her herd when they wear this hea...

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Savanna Shades <br>VBS 2024
Gifts, Awards & More! (Digital Formats Available) $8.99

Savanna Shades 
VBS 2024

Whether they're riding over an African savanna, sitting on a beach, or wading in a river, the WildL...

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