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Growing Spiritually <br>Junior High Teacher's Guide <br>Summer 2021
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978-0-87227-872-1 Teacher's Guide $7.99

Growing Spiritually
Junior High Teacher's Guide
Summer 2021

Title: Growing Spiritually Bible Passages: Select passages throughout Scripture Course Description: Basic steps, next steps, and growing steps provide junior high students the framework for studying fundamental areas of spiritual growth, such as Bible study, church attendance, understanding God's will, and overcoming temptation. Integrated lesson plans with multiple learning activities and helpful Bible commentary Learning activities that incorporate Living My Faith devotionals Reproducible handouts Ideas for classroom decorations, games, activities Instruction on leading junior high students to Christ

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Growing Spiritually <br>Junior High Student Devotional Booklet <br>Summer 2021
978-0-87227-733-5 Student Book $4.49

Growing Spiritually
Junior High Student Devotional Booklet
Summer 2021

Daily devotions to prepare students for the lesson Weekly memory verse Articles to encourage and challenge junior highers In-class worksheets

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