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Why Dispensationalism Matters <br>Adult Leader's Guide
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978-1-62940-211-6 TEACHER'S GUIDE $7.99

Why Dispensationalism Matters
Adult Leader's Guide

Title: Why Dispensationalism Matters Bible Passages: Various Scripture Passages Course Description: Dispensationalism is far more than simply a way to organize history or a system of belief. Dispensationalism comes from a careful, literal interpretation of Scripture. This course will employ that careful interpretation to help learners understand Israel, the church, Christ's present ministry and coming kingdom, and other future events. Uses a three-step lesson plan in a classroom setting Provides commentary and engages learners through interactive teaching methods Correlates with questions in the Adult Bible Study Book

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Why Dispensationalism Matters <br>Adult Transparency Packet
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978-1-62940-212-3 TRANSPARENCY PACKET $19.99

Why Dispensationalism Matters
Adult Transparency Packet

16 full-color transparencies Allows the leader to visualize key concepts and truths Provides opportunities for learner participation and interaction

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Why Dispensationalism Matters <br>Adult Resource CD
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978-1-62940-213-0 RESOURCE CD $16.99

Why Dispensationalism Matters
Adult Resource CD

Features ready-to-use or customizable PowerPoint slides for each lesson Includes transparency art Contains flexible-use case studies Offers supplemental visuals and adaptable verse cards

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Why Dispensationalism Matters <br>Adult Bible Study Book
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978-1-62940-214-7 STUDENT BOOK $4.49

Why Dispensationalism Matters
Adult Bible Study Book

Factual, analytical, and thought-provoking inductive Bible study questions to get the learner into God'sWord Three parts to each lesson: Getting Started, Searching the Scriptures, and Making It Personal Handy 6" x 9" size User-friendly format with adequate space for writing

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Horizons <br>Summer 2019
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978-1-64213-257-1 TAKE HOME PAPERS $3.59

Summer 2019

  • A weekly publication to help adults build their lives by the Book
  • Biblically based features...

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