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Demons: A Biblically Based Perspective (2nd Edition)
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978-1-607-76848-7 TOPICAL $12.99

Demons: A Biblically Based Perspective (2nd Edition)

Second Edition. Learn the truth about the Devil and demons from Bible times to today.

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Faces of Friendship
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978-1-629-40718-0 WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDY $8.99

Faces of Friendship

The faces of friendship aren’t always happy ones. Learn what the Bible teaches about friendship, forgiveness, unity, jealousy, encouragement, and more.

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Primary Student Activity Sheets <br>VBS 2019 - KJV
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978-1-629-40887-3 STUDENT BOOK $2.99

Primary Student Activity Sheets 
VBS 2019 - KJV

Sheets include 1 sticker sheet (for 2s & 3s and Pre-Primary) and 2 trading cards for each lesson...

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It's Grow Time <br>Year 1 Bible Timeline Collector Cards
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97816077666193 COLLECTOR CARDS $8.99

It's Grow Time
Year 1 Bible Timeline Collector Cards

Key people and events through the Bible on the front, with timeline, key Bible facts, and trivia on the back. Pkg. of 18 ò Series 1 of 3 (Plus bonus card)

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Developers TruthBook <br>Level 2 Book 1 – ESV
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978-1-629-40336-6 STUDENT BOOK $11.99

Developers TruthBook
Level 2 Book 1 – ESV

This book contains themes 1-6 in an exciting format for kids!

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Pre-Primary Student Book <br>Winter 2018 – KJV
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978-1-642-13080-5 STUDENT BOOK $3.99

Pre-Primary Student Book
Winter 2018 – KJV

The Pre-Primary student book is a valuable learning tool to use in your class time every Sunday....

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Character Building <br>Junior High Student Devotional Booklet <br>Winter 2018
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978-1-594-02020-9 STUDENT BOOK $4.49

Character Building
Junior High Student Devotional Booklet
Winter 2018

  • Daily devotions to prepare students for the lesson
  • Weekly memory verse
  • Articles to enco...

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  • Horizons <br>Spring 2019
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    978-1-642-13196-3 TAKE HOME PAPERS $3.59

    Spring 2019

  • A weekly publication to help adults build their lives by the Book
  • Biblically based features...

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