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Speaking in Tongues and Divine Healing
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978-1-629-40746-3 BOOKS $6.99

Speaking in Tongues and Divine Healing

Whatever happened to the sign-gifts used in the early days of the church—such as speaking in tongues and divine healing? Did they end centuries ago, or are they still going on today (as some are claiming)? This book will help you answer those questions Biblically.

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It's Grow Time <br>Year 1 Kit
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978-1-607-76631-5 KIT $129.99

It's Grow Time
Year 1 Kit

ò TeacherÆs Guide with lessons for grades 1û6 ò Fully reproducible Resource CD with teaching materials and theme-related clip art ò Two Song CDs ò Animated Bible Accounts DVD ò 13 colorful Teaching Pictures ò 1 set of Bible Timeline Collector Cards Genesis - Deuteronomy

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Developers TruthBook <br>Level 2 Book 1 – KJV
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978-1-629-40335-9 STUDENT BOOK $11.99

Developers TruthBook
Level 2 Book 1 – KJV

This book contains themes 1-6 in an exciting format for kids!

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Pre-Primary Student Activity Sheets <br>VBS 2018 - NKJV
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978-1-629-40697-8 STUDENT BOOK $2.99

Pre-Primary Student Activity Sheets 
VBS 2018 - NKJV

Sheets include 1 sticker sheet (for 2s & 3s and Pre-Primary) and 2 trading cards for each lesson...

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Faces of Friendship
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978-1-629-40718-0 WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDY $8.99

Faces of Friendship

The faces of friendship aren’t always happy ones. Learn what the Bible teaches about friendship, forgiveness, unity, jealousy, encouragement, and more.

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Pre-Primary Student Book 1 <br>Summer 2018 – KJV
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978-1-594-02631-7 STUDENT BOOK $3.89

Pre-Primary Student Book 1
Summer 2018 – KJV

For prekindergarten students (see book 2 for kindergarten students) Provides an activity sheet for each lesson Enhances learning and reinforces the lesson Includes two pages of colorful stickers for workbook pages and Bible memory chart

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Growing Spiritually <br>Junior High Student Devotional Booklet <br>Summer 2018
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978-0-872-27733-5 STUDENT BOOK $4.49

Growing Spiritually
Junior High Student Devotional Booklet
Summer 2018

Daily devotions to prepare students for the lesson Weekly memory verse Articles to encourage and challenge junior highers In-class worksheets

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Church through the Ages: Staying True to God’s Way - Summer 2018 <br>Adult Bible Study Book
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978-1-629-40873-6 STUDENT BOOK $4.49

Church through the Ages: Staying True to God’s Way - Summer 2018
Adult Bible Study Book

Factual, analytical, and thought-provoking inductive Bible study questions to get the learner into God's Word Three parts to each lesson: Getting Started, Searching the Scriptures, and Making It Personal Handy 6" x 9" size User-friendly format with adequate space for writing

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