Author: Daniel J Estes

Daniel J. Estes (PhD, Cambridge University) is distinguished professor of Old Testament at Cedarville University. He is a prolific author and a specialist in Biblical interpretation. In 2005 he was elected to a life membership in Clare Hall, Cambridge.

Learning and Living God's Word <br>Revised Edition
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Learning and Living God's Word
Revised Edition

“Relying on someone else’s study is much like kissing through a pane of glass—you get the same general idea, but you miss the personal
excitement!” says Daniel Estes in this manual designed to help you “shatter the glass” by learning to study the Bible on your own and then live out its applications.

This manual is set up to tell you what you need to know and give you an opportunity to practice it. You’ll learn pitfalls to avoid and strategies to practice so you can accurately interpret and apply God’s Word.

You’ll find this manual enlightening and practical. You’ll also discover there’s nothing better than learning and living God’s Word!

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