The Business Side of Ministry
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Who needs to understand more about church business and finance? Everyone!

This book is written for church leaders and members, offering a basic guide to the business side of church ministry: finances (personal and church), planning and budgeting, salaries, legal matters, and more. Reading this book will not make you an expert in financial matters, but you will gain a working understanding of these topics and practical tools that you can implement in your church and personal life. With this basic knowledge, both the church body and the leadership can help protect and safeguard the ministry God has given them.
Michael Nolan is the director of business administration and treasurer for Regular Baptist Ministries. Holding an MBA from the University of Dallas, he previously worked for General Motors and GMAC, gaining experience in business management, human resources, sales, and marketing. Michael also serves as the director of Baptist Builders Club, a ministry of the GARBC to start, grow, and rebuild churches. He serves on the Church Care board of Baptist Church Planters, and as a trustee of the Baptist Bible College Foundation. Michael also provides consultation services for churches in the areas of finances, strategic financial planning, and general business matters.