Think Inside the Book
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The Bible is God's resource to us for successful living. For centuries, the Bible has made a radical difference in the lives of millions of people. By the end of this 8-lesson book, you will be able to see the difference the Bible can make in your life too!

This book was designed for individual study but may also be adapted for group study. Discussion questions included.
Dorothy Davis has been involved in women's ministries since early adulthood and has been teaching Sunday School and ladies' Bible studies for many years. Dot has an ongoing ministry to women through teaching, speaking, and writing, motivating Christian women to apply God's Word to the everyday challenges of life so they may grow in grace and glorify Jesus Christ.Her first RBP book, God's Portrait of a Beautiful Woman (1996), was followed by Your Faith on Trial, Finding Fulfillment on Life's Uncertain Seas, Climbing Higher, Seeking God's Great Riches, With Our Eyes on Eternity, Called to Conquer, and Think inside the Book.