Don't Ever Give Up
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Robert F. Hunter Sr. began his life as a farm boy in Ohio. He ended his life as an elder statesman in the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association. In between, he blazed a trail for racial reconciliation within fundamental-evangelical circles, planted a church in Decatur, Illinois; assisted with another church plant in Waukegan, Illinois; served as the executive director of the FBFA; and served as a member of the board of directors of Carver Baptist Bible College. He did all of this in a dignified manner, standing out as an example of a true man of God, wholly committed to the Lord, a giant in faith and trust.

He persevered with power and courage. He wouldn't give in to the pressure to stay in an unbiblical group. He wouldn't give up when white men who shared his beliefs would not share their fellowship. He did not give up or become bitter. Don't Ever Give Up tells the story of God's blessing on the life and ministry of Robert F. Hunter.

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