High Church Heresy
Exposing Resurgent Catholicism and Orthodoxy
Regular Baptist Press
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In response to the phenomenon of resurgent Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy, this book presents a detailed examination and biblical refutation of core Catholic and Orthodox beliefs from a conservative evangelical perspective.

High Church Heresy reveals Catholic and Eastern Orthodox teaching on a number of topics, including tradition, Scriptures, the church fathers, Mary, salvation, baptism, and the Lord's Supper. Learn what the ancient, high churches teach contrary to Scripture. Learn what your Catholic or Eastern Orthodox family, friends, and coworkers believe and practice. This text is helpful for church leaders, college students, and churchgoers alike.
Kenneth R. Guindon spent much of his adult life as a devout convert, first to Roman Catholicism and then to Eastern Orthodoxy. After an intense period of Bible study opened his eyes to the heresies of these ancient churches, he returned to the evangelical New Testament faith "once for all delivered to the saints." Now retired, Ken and his wife reside in Florida.

As a pastor and a parent that has lost his children to the "cult" of orthodoxy, I found this book to be a valuable tool. Through the heartbreak of watching a child walk away from Jesus and into the arms of a priest and an organization concerned with performance rather than Grace, this book helped me to understand that I am not alone and that their may be hope of our children returning to Christ. I consider this book a must read for pastors in this post Christian time.
Dan Daniels