Our Sovereign God
The Book of Ezra
Regular Baptist Press
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In a day of ungodly leadership, political unrest, and strong opposition to Biblical truth, people need hope. Ezra, Zerubbabel, Zechariah, and Haggai lived in our kind of world. As you study the Biblical record of their lives, the goal is that you will commit to being a woman of unshakable faith—unafraid to take action, boldly proclaiming God's truth, and watching for the mighty acts of our sovereign God.

6 lessons

Jeannie Vogel is a women's seminar leader and frequent speaker at retreats and banquets. She currently serves as the Women's & Senior Adult Ministries Coordinator for the Northeast Fellowship of Independent Baptist Churches. Holding an MA from Summit University, she taught communications and women's ministry on the college level and has more than 30 years' experience as a pastor's wife. In 2011, Jeannie won the Writer of the Year Award from Write to Publish.

I recently finished teaching a wonderful Bible Study that I'd like to recommend. The name of the study is "Our Sovereign God" (studies in the book of Ezra), written by Jeannie Vogel, and published through Regular Baptist Press. The ladies and I found it to be spiritually stimulating, and very informative! It will give you solid food to grow on Biblically. I highly recommend it!

Maribeth Smith