More than Sobriety:
Resources for Biblical Substance Abuse Counseling
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The secular world offers little to no hope for substance abuse addicts. They are doomed to be a slaves to their habits for life? They have a disease they cannot conquer? Their life is an endless cycle of recovery?

But Christ-in His amazing power, love, and grace-offers forgiveness and full freedom from sin's grip. What a marvelous message we have to share with those who desperately need to hear hope!

Substance abusers commonly develop their own belief systems that actually fuel the addiction. This workbook systematically challenges those beliefs and counters them with the freeing truths of Scripture concerning man, his heart, his addiction, and his life-purpose.

This ready tool puts the Biblical perspective on addiction and substance abuse with the Biblical answers into an easy-to-use format for use when sitting across from someone who has a substance abuse problem, whether in the church office, the county jail or local homeless shelter, or the coffee shop. You will find that each lesson has a section for the counselor/teacher and a handout for the counselee. A helpful initial assessment form is included.
Pamela Russell has two decades of experience in counseling and correctional settings. She is an Indiana Law Enforcement chaplain, has earned certification by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, serves as national director of Women's Ministry for the Capitol Commission, and is former director of Almond Tree, a substance-abuse training ministry for believers and churches. Pam has three children and nine grandchildren.