Power of the Spirit
(Acts) – 3 Study Set
Regular Baptist Press
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Living in the Power of the Spirit (Acts 1—12) introduces the church and shows how the Holy Spirit worked in early believers and how He can work in your life today. Serving in the Power of the Spirit (Acts 13—20) takes you on Paul's three missionary journeys, filled with problems, personalities, and victories—just like in your own life. Then travel with Paul to Jerusalem and Rome for his trials and imprisonment, learning how Persevering in the Power of the Spirit is just as possible today as it was back then. This third book in the series covers chapters 21—28, includes a look back over Acts, and surveys Paul's 13 epistles. You'll find that living, serving, and persevering in the power of the Spirit is the most exciting, rewarding way to live!
Valerie Wilson (DRE, Baptist Bible College of Pennsylvania) is a Christian educator who is active in children's and women's ministries in her church. She retired from Regular Baptist Press, Schaumburg, Ill., after 40 years of editorial and conference ministry. She continues to be involved in freelance curriculum writing.