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Baptists played a formative role in the fundamentalist/modernist controversy, but their contributions have never been studied in-depth until now. One in Hope and Doctrine offers a long-overdue narrative history, seen through the eyes of two leading characters, Oliver van Osdel and Robert Ketcham.
The authors discuss the formation of the General Association of Regular Baptists, Conservative Baptists, the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship, the World Baptist Fellowship, the Bible Baptist Fellowship, the Sword of the Lord, and the movement that became known as Independent Fundamental Baptists.
Carefully developed after years of research, personal interviews, and primary sources, the book will be valuable to scholars, pastors, and ordinary church members.
Kevin Bauder (DMin, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is research professor of systematic theology at Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Minneapolis, where he served as president from 2003 to 2011. Prior to joining the faculty as associate professor in 1998, he served in various pastoral roles for 18 years. His current position affords him the opportunity to further pursue his interests in ecclesiological issues, Baptist history and polity, and the study of American fundamentalism and evangelicalism.

In a day when grace and unity and tolerance are highly prized, both in society and in the body of Christ, the story of Baptists and their many schisms seems an unfortunate blemish in history. After reading “One in Faith and Doctrine,” however, those schisms are clearly seen as neither unfortunate nor a blemish. In researching a history project, I found myself trying to remember how the pieces went together, as the “Baptists” became known as either “Northern” or “Southern,” and again became divided over “liberal” and “conservative.” Bauder and Delnay have written the story that distinguishes these matters in wonderful narrative form that I found impossible to put down! The use of abundant original source material crafted into a readable narrative makes this chapter of history read like a diary of the individuals involved. As the seasons progress in the story, helpful conclusions and summaries are included that make the old stories come to life with relevance for any today who share a Baptist heritage with these forebears. Bauder and Delnay have written the best accounting of our Baptist heritage in print as of today. In so doing, a great service has been rendered to students in our colleges and seminaries who will take a Baptist history course and, perhaps more than ever before, appreciate the faithful work of those who have gone before us!
Tim Baker 
Thank you Dr. Bauder and Dr. Delnay! This book was great! I am not much of a history guy, but I found myself not able to put it down. Though I had observed differences in fundamental Baptist groups through the years, I now understand them more. I attended a Baptist highschool greatly influenced by Norris, Vick and Rice; attended a college influenced by Cedarholm, and Clearwaters; grew up in a church influence by Ketcham & Griffith. I have ministered in churches influenced by Hyles & Vick, but am thankful to have found my home in the GARBC as a pastor. This book was informative, educational, & valuable to all who are ministering in a conservative or fundamental Baptist church.
Larry Lindow