Over the Moat Logo & Print License <br>VBS 2017
Over the Moat Logo & Print License
VBS 2017
Regular Baptist Press
Product #:
Digital Product


By purchasing this product, you are purchasing a print-ready PDF file of the logo as well as a license to be able to print the logo at a professional printer (e.g., professionally printed up VBS t-shirts). After completing the purchase, you will receive a link to download a high resolution PDF file.
  • You will only be allowed to download the product twice—once for the church and once for the printing company.
  • This license is only good for the church/ministry/individual purchasing the product.
  • Product & license is non-transferrable.
  • The license expires 30 days after date of purchase.
Any other source for VBS logos are not valid for printing—such as JPG images from the Resource CD. This license is meant for churches, ministries, and individual use only.This product is not available for retail use.

Find out more about Over the Moat VBS at rbpVBS.org.

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