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Titles by: Mitch A Schultz

Author: Mitch A Schultz

Mitch A. Schultz has served for nearly 30 years as a pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. He grew up in Indonesia, where his parents worked as missionaries. He has also lived and worked in England and four American states. He and his wife, Elaine, have three children and currently live in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Georgia. Mitch and Elaine met at Toccoa Falls (Georgia) College, where Mitch received a bachelor of arts in cross- cultural ministries. He later received a master's in Biblical counseling from Trinity Seminary (Newburgh, Ind.). Mitch is the founder and director of Fruitful Vine Ministry, an organization helping discouraged pastors and ministry leaders discover spiritual health so they can effectively impact the world for Christ.

By Mitch Schultz
Mitch Schultz knows what it is to wonder what to say to someone mourning the loss of a loved one. He also knows what it's like to say something to a mourner and afterward want to kick yourself. If you've had either experience, he gets you. But more t...